Motor Mojo!?

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Interviewed by: Alexis Ha

One of the big challenges of building a lot of new low-cost ventilators for Covid-19 patients has been sourcing parts at a reasonable cost without sacrificing performance.

Will Watson, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development at AM Equipment, goes into the specifics on AM windshield wiper motors and how they have played a huge role in creating bridge ventilators(in collaboration with the BVC) in light of Covid-19.

Did you know that before AM Equipment developed the ventilator motor, it was used for windshield wiper systems? They used similar configurations to create a whole new line of motor specifically for ventilators that ran at both high and low speeds. Their new ventilator motor is only running at the lower speed which has the potential to run for several million cycles according to Will Watson.

Specializing in creating reliable motors for harsh weather environments, AM Equipment’s products are well suited for not only vehicles on the road, but also for bridge ventilators in the field. Having those attributes definitely adds up when you consider how they are essential components of commercial fleets of buses, logistic companies, and the military. Many during the COVID-19 pandemic turned to windshield wiper motors as a primary means of bag valve mask(ambu bag) compression to rapidly prototype and scale manufacturing of low-cost ambulatory bag ventilators(Read more about it here!). With this new uptick in a collaborative effort to design, prototype, and manufacture ventilators, AM equipment has met the increased demand for their windshield wiper motors. In fact, AM Equipment has already shipped several hundred ventilator motors to customers all over the world.

Specifically for ventilator use, Will mentions that 230 series AM windshield wiper motor (purchase price of $43.20) is typically purchased to be integrated into ambu bag ventilators. With their low cost and manufacturing capabilities of scale, AM Equipment is enabling the average consumer, makers, universities, and corporate partners to prototype and eventually manufacture ambu bag ventilators without imposing a substantive financial burden.

For more specific information on AM Equipment and their wiper motors, watch the interview! You can also contact Will Watson directly.

Cell: 253-740-7595

Email: will@amequipment

To view AM Equipment’s products, check out their website.

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