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Tom Milner, PhD


Scott Jenny: Scott, an expert in architecture, concurrent design, and production support,  incorporates leading-edge fiber optics, MEMS, motor technologies, signal acquisition/generation, to improve the manufacturing efficiency of planning workflows, conferring with equipment vendors and manufacturers, coordinating maintenance/repair services, designing flexible prototypes/fixtures, maintaining product/process databases, training/guiding technicians to assure product/process quality. Read More!

Ruben Rathnasingham: Ruben Rathnasingham has more than 15 years of biomedical leadership experience in several companies founded on technologies invented and developed in academic institutions. In his current role as the assistant dean for health product innovation at Dell Medical School, he is responsible for creating and growing initiatives to support health-related translational research at UT Austin. He was the head innovator at the Dell Medical School provided a lot of support for the development of the UT ABBU device.

Aydin Zahedivash: Aydin is a 1st-year resident at Stanford University in the department of pediatrics. He completed a bachelor of science in biomedical engineering in 2016 from the University of Texas at Austin Cockrell School of Engineering and graduated with an MD and MBA from the University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School and McCombs School of Business in 2020. He is a co-inventor of a number of medical technologies, focusing on the use of artificial intelligence, diagnostics, and medical devices. Aydin is passionate about using technology to make healthcare more accessible and efficient. 

Virgin Orbit

William Pomerantz: Will is Vice President for Special Projects and Employee #1 at Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Orbit, the innovative launch company for small satellites. In addition to his normal duties, Will lead the company’s efforts to seek Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA for a bridge ventilator designed with BVC input to treat COVID-19 patients. 


Kevin Zagorski: Kevin, a truly talented, interdisciplinary engineer, is the manager of propulsion advanced manufacturing at Virgin Orbit. He has been a part of countless projects including the 'Virgin Orbit Ventilator' which was a collaborative effort between the BVC and Virgin Orbit. 

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