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Leading COVID-19 vaccine candidates rely on new technologies that have fast-tracked development and testing. Vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna have completed early phase 3 clinical trials and are reportedly under review at the US FDA for emergency use authorization (EUA) although safety surveillance continues. This video explains the principles underlying the leading DNA, messenger RNA (mRNA), and viral vector vaccine candidates, and how they might induce immunity to SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Moderna Making Significant Progress With 95% Efficacy!

Moderna is an American company that is focusing on drug discovery as well as drug development. Recently, their vaccine for Covid-19 has proven to reduce the chances of getting the virus by 94.5%. Moderna has also signed a contract with the United States to provide 100 million doses of the vaccine for $1.525 billion with the option of purchasing another 400 million doses. Another company, Pfizer, has also completed a drug trial, showing "90% fewer cases among the people who received two doses of the vaccine than among those who received two placebos." Read the full article!

What is a vaccination?

What is a vaccination?

A vaccine trains/builds your immune system to form antibodies against a virus. The body's natural defense with the aid of a vaccine will allow the individual to fight off specific infections such as the coronavirus. The vaccine contains only killed or weakened forms of germs, so it doesn't translate into giving the individual the disease. 

Are vaccines safe?

Vaccines that are released to the public have been tested thousands of times to ensure the safety of their users. There could be temporary side effects such as a sore arm from the injection site or a low-grade fever, however, these symptoms are not life-threatening. 

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